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Thu, Feb 2022

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Thu, Feb 2022

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The LeGrand Reynolds Horsemen’s Camp will soon no longer be available to the individual equestrian for camping. This property has been the one and only site available to horse riders in the State of RI since 1969 when the former Beach Pond Campsite was set aside for horse activities and camp use. Over the years with the help of the equestrians the RI Federation of Riding Clubs has put in a riding arena, shelter, picnic tables and done continuous maintenance on the grounds to assist DEM on the upkeep of the camp. The state now wants to open our camping to all user groups and restrict the usage to only groups that have insurance of a million dollars on top of requiring a permit that would need to be requested a minimum of 30 days in advance. This would eliminate all individual horse people that are not connected to an organization. There are multiple camping facilities available throughout the state that other user groups are welcome in. Horses do not have that same advantage. Doing this would stop horse camping in our state for many and push our own residents, taxpayers, to have to go out of state to camp with their horses. This would also take from the local economy where gas, food, etc. may have been purchased.

This campground is more than a piece of land. It is a part of rider’s family history. Families have grown camping with horses here. Don’t take this away from them!! Let DEM know you support the equestrians keeping the one place they have under the terms it always has been.

DO NOT DONATE! We are only looking for signatures please!

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Michelle Gargasz
Michelle Gar...

Thu, Mar 2023

To make sure the riders are safe as well as the horses.
Susan Howe
Susan Howe

Thu, Mar 2023

This tradition should not be eliminated for motorized vehicles.
Sharyn B. Lawler
Sharyn B. La...

Thu, Mar 2023

I want a safe equine use area and campground for equestrian visitors too!
Renee Wojciechowski
Renee Wojcie...

Thu, Mar 2023

This is a gem in RI as well as Goddard Park equestrian area. My family and I use both areas as we own horses. These are the only 2 local areas that people are allowed to ride horses in peace and quiet. If the horseman's area is open to other activities the riding ring area will become destroyed. Keeping horses is a very expensive hobby in itself so adding fees to enjoy these parks would make it impossible for some horse people to even go to the parks. Please reconsider this and keeps things the way they are. My daughter and I have trailed our horses to the horseman's area and we frequently enjoy Goddard Park with our horses and leave both beautiful parks the same way we found them (clean up manure, etc). There is an entire horse community in RI that all pay taxes and we should be able to keep enjoying these parks as we have been for many years!
Sylvie Napoli
Sylvie Napol...

Tue, Jan 2023

I love camping here with my horse and horse friends and has easy access to miles and miles of trails
Noor ul Huda
Noor ul Huda

Entrepreneur, Investor, Financier, Accountant

Raheem Noman
Raheem Noman

fahd shaykh
fahd shaykh

Muhammad Farrukh Zia
Muhammad Farrukh...

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