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Wed, Feb 2022

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Wed, Feb 2022

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Many of you will know it: The "Just Chatting" category on regularly becomes a venue for pornography that can be viewed and financially supported by minors without any restrictions. In exchange for donations, subscriptions and bits (a separate currency on Twitch), the women make certain movements or write the names of the users on their bodies. These are often the streams with the highest numbers of viewers on Twitch. 

So far, Twitch does nothing against this kind of pornography and earns a huge amount of money with it. It cannot be that a gaming platform allows content of a pornographic nature and does not prevent it. This content encourages female Twitch streamers to be degraded to sex objects, regardless of their own content. There is also no way to protect young visitors to Twitch!

Twitch must react! I call on those responsible to remove pornographic content from the platform, as it has nothing to do with the original gaming platform. Alternatively, a +18 category could be introduced, which can only be viewed with prior age verification, as is already common on other platforms with pornographic content.

My name is Timo, I am 16 years old and I am a passionate streamer on Twitch myself.

I like to look for new interesting streams in the evening. For some time now, I've been coming across the "Just Chatting" category, mainly lightly dressed Twitch streamers who (partly) let themselves be paid by minors to do certain things. I would like to campaign for something to be done about this exploitation of Twitch ToS and for underage users to be protected from it.

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