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Singapore is currently not on the travel corridor list for the UK. This means that all students returning/going to the UK have to serve 14 days in quarantine. Many overseas students do not have access to quarantine facilities without incurring significant cost, logistical issues and unnecessary stress. This makes it expensive, impractical and extremely difficult for them and their families. 

The UK Government has specified these criteria for consideration in deciding which countries are on the travel corridor list. I have added the information relevant to Singapore beneath each point.

  1. Less than 20 cases per 100,000 over 7 days
    1.1 cases per 100,000
  2. An estimate of the proportion of the population that is currently infectious in the country
    Less than 0.01%
  3. Virus incidence rates and rates of change 
    Very low.  Daily new Covid cases (mostly asymptomatic are below 100)
  4. Trends in incidence, deaths and hospitalisations
    Since January 2020, 27 deaths in total. As of 29th August, 71 hospitalised (stable) and 0 in intensive care. This reflects a similar trend over the last 14 days.
  5. Imported infections identified through UK contact tracing
    This information is not available to me in Singapore
  6. Transmission status and international epidemic intelligence
    Singapore shares its epidemic intelligence openly (e.g. through WHO)
  7. Information on a country's testing capacity, testing regime and test positivity rate
    Total number of unique persons swabbed: 133,100 per million
  8. An assessment of the quality of the data available and public health systems
    The Singapore Ministry of Health updates daily information about Covid-19. The Public Health System is excellent.
  9. Extent and effectiveness of measures being deployed
    Excellent, our cases have been under control for many months. Social distancing measures are in place and people take these measures seriously e.g. face coverings are compulsory except when eating, drinking or doing strenuous activities, washing hands frequently etc.
  10. Volume of passengers coming into the UK from that country
    This information is not available to me in Singapore
  11. Population size of the country
    5.8 million

As of 29th August, Wales added Singapore to their travel corridor list.

Please sign this petition to put Singapore on the travel corridor list!

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