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Wed, Feb 2022

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Wed, Feb 2022

12854 Sign of 400000 Goal

There is a proposed amendment bill in parliament by a section of members of parliament seeking to repel a section of the forest conservation and management act that protects the forests from boundary variations and excisions. This will open up the forests for grabbing and we will not only lose our water catchment areas but its will be a step backwards in the climate change fight. Water shortages will be rampant and this might trigger a scramble for the resource, human wildlife conflicts will get worse, some animal species will be wiped out completely. and the rainfall levels will keep decreasing. The act was put there to protect forests after a section of leaders ruined this delicate ecosystem in the 90s and early 2000 that saw an obscene overexploitation of the forests. We are now appealing to you to help by signing this petition to compel the lawmakers to be more mindful and protect the future by leaving the forests alone totally and instead lobby for laws that will see an increase in our forest cover and protect the environment. Your vote means a lot to the present and future generations, let's all unite to protect our forests.

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