QURAANIC AYAAT ON A FLOOR MAT. Petition to remove the rug from market.

After notifying and complaining to the seller and received two emails promising to remove this item from their website, no action has been gaken. Now I am filing my petition in reference to the item “Islamic HM020823M Rug,” being sold on line on the following URL: https://kayleeandtepid.com/product/islamic-hm020823m-rug  It appears that the company manufacturing this item as a rug and those involved in marketing and selling this, are not aware of the extreme disrespect and sacrilege to Islamic religious scripture that this will cause. Muslims (followers of Islam – about 1.9 Billion people around the world) believe in One God – Allah, and his last messenger Prophet Muhammad – Peace be upon him, and the Holy Book, the Quran, that was revealed to mankind through Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Quran is the direct Word of Allah and Muslims around the world respect it as such and show it the utmost reverence. The writing on the so-called rug is called Surah Al-Ikhlas and is in fact the 112th chapter of the Quran. While we appreciate it that the manufacturer was taken by the beauty of the Arabic calligraphy used to depict this text, it is highly disturbing to see it displayed on a rug which is designed to be walked upon. Muslims around the world will find it deeply disrespectful to God and His Last Scripture, His direct Word, the Quran if this picture or the knowledge that such a rug is being sold by your company.  We humbly request the seller to immediately withdraw this item from the market and issue a statement that you were not aware of the significance of this to the world’s Muslims. It is of paramount importance that this action is taken immediately without delay, as millions and millions of eyes are watching this right now as well as sharing it with each other via social media and instant messaging. Majority will assume this to be another attack on Islam and may make judgement calls or take decisions based on those judgement calls. Please understand the urgency of this matter and take action immediately. Thank you for your time.
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Release Kashmiri Journalist Fahad Shah Immediately

On Friday, the 4th of February, Fahad Shah, an internationally renowned journalist based in Kashmir and editor of an independent news platform, TheKashmirWalla, was arrested. Fahad has been previously detained on multiple occasions, in keeping with the general pattern towards journalists in Indian Administered Jammu & Kashmir. Recently, Sajad Gul, a contributor toTheKashmirWalla, continues to be imprisoned despite several calls for his release. Fahad’s work as a journalist is critically acclaimed, as he is regularly published in Indian and international platforms such as TIME, The Guardian, Christian Science Monitor to name a few. An alum from SOAS, University of London, Fahad has also edited a collection of essays on Kashmir and mentored journalists and scholars globally. Fahad has been detained for doing his job - reporting in J&K. The Police have slapped charges of sedition, the draconian Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) and intent to incite. Kashmir’s police chief, Vijay Kumar told The Guardian that Fahad has been arrested for frequently glorifying terrorism, spreading fake news, instigating people, for the past three to four years. These charges are misleading and  Fahad can be held for a period of upto 6 months without charges under the law and is extremely difficult to get bail under UAPA. We are extremely concerned about Fahad’s safety while in jail. Organizations around the world such as Committee to Protect Journalists have already issued statements calling for his release along with Media platforms such as The Nation. Fahad has currently been sent to a 10-day custody.  Aware of India’s record in Jammu & Kashmir, this custody can be life-threatening for Fahad, who was already unwell at the time of arrest. Further, this act is only a move to intimidate and harass the few remaining journalists who continue to do their work in the region. India’s press freedom ranking has further slipped to 142 in the world along with the rise in highly authoritarian Hindu right-wing tendencies. We call upon the Indian state to immediately release Fahad Shah and other journalists who have been imprisoned for carrying out their duties. Please demand the immediate release of Fahad Shah and all Kashmiri journalists imprisoned by Indian security forces. Please sign and share this petition before Fahad’s next court hearing (15th February). The Indian state must know that we are paying close attention and we shall not remain silent as they try to silence journalists!
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Peace for Kashmir

This petition is for the people of Kashmir. Kashmir issue is remained unsolved since 1947. The Pakistan as a Nation believes that People of Kashmir should have given their right to decide whether they want be a part of any other country or want independence. It is their right to decide. Kashmir has bled enough. Even at this moment when I am writing this petition Kashmir is suffering. No matter what Kashmiri people decide. I request to the Respected authorities to give a fair chance to the people of Kashmir to decide what they want. Watching this broken and bleeding Kashmir is unbearable. Please take appropriate action to stop the brutal killing in Kashmir.  Kashmir deserves peace.  Pakistani Nation assures International Human Rights Organizations our full support for a solution according to the wish of Kashmiri people. Thanks
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Leave our forests alone> Stop the bill to open up public forests for grabbing

There is a proposed amendment bill in parliament by a section of members of parliament seeking to repel a section of the forest conservation and management act that protects the forests from boundary variations and excisions. This will open up the forests for grabbing and we will not only lose our water catchment areas but its will be a step backwards in the climate change fight. Water shortages will be rampant and this might trigger a scramble for the resource, human wildlife conflicts will get worse, some animal species will be wiped out completely. and the rainfall levels will keep decreasing. The act was put there to protect forests after a section of leaders ruined this delicate ecosystem in the 90s and early 2000 that saw an obscene overexploitation of the forests. We are now appealing to you to help by signing this petition to compel the lawmakers to be more mindful and protect the future by leaving the forests alone totally and instead lobby for laws that will see an increase in our forest cover and protect the environment. Your vote means a lot to the present and future generations, let's all unite to protect our forests.
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Make people aware about serious issue of child diabetes

We are the students of IGCSE Global Perspectives and this petition is a part of our team project. Our topic for this team project is ''child diabetes awareness''. Spreading the word about child diabetes, its causes and consequences is part of our responsibility as responsible students. We Pledge To:1) Be more physical2) Eat healthy plant foods3) Try losing weight4) Reduce carbs intake We are voice against child diabetes!
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Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness

We are students of IGCSE Global Perspectives and our topic is Health and Disease which is why we are working on Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness as it is an issue on the rise which is why we have chosen it as the topic for our Team Project. Our aim is to promote awareness about this disorder in people so they learn to accept autistic people in society. Autism is a complex, lifelong developmental disability that typically appears during early childhood and can impact a person's social skills, communication, relationships, and self-regulation. People affected may find some aspects of communication and social interaction challenging. They may have difficulty relating to people and understanding their emotions. Autistic adults may also have inflexible thought patterns and behavior, and may carry out repetitive actions.  Such circumstances make them different, and they face various challenges throughout life. The biggest being feeling “alienated” or looked down upon by their peers and society. Making day to day life even more challenging for someone already affected.  We need to raise awareness, to achieve acceptance for people with Autism. Acceptance can lead to greater support, which is necessary for autistic people to reach their full potential. Autistic rights are Human Rights.
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