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escribe the people involved and the problem they are facing Readers are most likely to take action when they understand who is affected. Describe the solution Explain what needs to happen and who can make the petition. Make it clear what happens if you win or lose. Make it personal
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Describe the people involved and the problem they are facing Readers are most likely to take action when they unde
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Block Russia From SWIFT

With the ongoing tension over Ukraine we saw well that EU and US are doing nothing over Russia - Ukraine, conflict where innocent people die every second now, once again we witnessed that they do nothing to protect world from dictators like V. Putin.  They're literally scared of Russian and this was second time they DID nothing to prevent Russia from killing innocent people. (Russia Annexed Georgia in 2008) Banning Russia from SWIFT will be one of the best weapons against Russian Oligarchs and people who are hiding behind V. Putin. We must try to make them uncomfortable with all means we have. We mush show them the power of people and force them to do something, WHEN THEY DO NOTHING TO PREVENT IT. IF "US" AND "EU" DOESN'T TAKE DRASTIC MEASUREMENTS AGAINST RUSSIA, WE WILL LITERALLY ONE DAY WAKE UP IN SOVIET UNION. PLEASE SHARE THIS TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN SO WE CAN GATHER AS MANY SIGNATURES AS POSSIBLE.
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Send Nato Forces to Ukraine

I want us to send NATO forces into Ukraine, to assist the Ukrainian Armed forces in defending against the Russian Federation, despite the consequences and risks it is worth defending a free country who is trying to keep their freedom, The Ukrainian forces need NATO reinforcements 
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Supporting Safe Youth Activities In Iowa

As owners and families of Iowa's Youth Activities Businesses such as Dance Studios, Gymnastics Centers and similar entities we are supportive of all of the Governor's efforts to reduce the spread of COVID 19 in our state in this difficult period. We, the undersigned are hoping that we can work with the Governor's office and health officials to improve and continue providing in person instruction as of Dec 1 with the following requirements: 1) Our Businesses will ensure that masks will be properly worn by 100% of employees, students and visitors at all times in the facility. 2) No guardians allowed into the building for those children above the age of 6. Parents / Care Givers will be asked to drop off and pick up but not enter the building. For those younger students or for students with special needs, guardians will be required to wear a mask at all times within the business. 3) Our Businesses Class sizes will be limited to a maximum of 15 people in rooms that can adequately provide for a continuous spacing of students of a minimum of 6' and all efforts will be taken to ensure students remain spaced at this distance at all times. For instruction rooms that are not large enough to accommodate this, class sizes will be reduced accordingly. 4) Our Businesses will continue to do temperature checks of all who enter the premises and work with local health officials anytime there is a positive case to ensure contract tracing and similar efforts to notify families to limit exposure. 5) Our Businesses will comply with all other best practices to ensure the safety of our students, families and staff. We vow to do our part to limit the spread while providing safe, in person instruction to Iowa's youth who need to stay active and engaged in this time. Without any other federal program like PPP our businesses will not survive an extended closure. We will do all that we can to be safe if we can be allowed to remain open with the above parameters this winter. Respectfully, the undersigned youth activity business owners of Iowa and those who support our ongoing effort to remain safely open for our students.
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Omicron Action Plan (CSW)

To CSW STUDENTS, We, the Social Justice Alliance, hope you have had a safe and relaxing winter break. Amidst the new 446,560 cases that arose in the United States on New Year's eve alone, we want to address the concerns from the Charter student and parent body. Other high schools in Delaware have already declared their concerns for the students’ health and decided to go virtual or conduct surveys asking students their comfortability in coming back. With this footprint already set in place, it is necessary for the number one school in the state to follow. After the new 36 cases that were reported on December 31st, and many health officials predicting the cases to peak late January and early February, it is not viable to come back to the building. Also, students were not being held accountable for having their masks above their nose pre-break, many peers and parents have reached out to us with their concern for safety in returning to the building. In this situation, we ask, what measures has CSW taken in order to ensure the safety of students? We understand the new outdoor seating along with a higher amount of filters; however, the seating is very limited, students are completely unmasked during lunch, and the hallways get very crowded during the breaks between classes. With CSW constantly emphasizing their concern for students’ mental health, it is very worrying when omicron corona virus come back into school with covid cases continuing to peak along with their anxiety. We believe that those who are unsure of what to do, or are afraid to go into school should be able to have a virtual option too. Keeping everything in mind, we understand the uncertainty of what steps to choose next. But ultimately, we need CSW to choose our and the teachers’ health above all. Sincerely, The Social Justice Alliance
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