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Wed, Feb 2022

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Wed, Feb 2022

165523 Sign of 350000 Goal

First, the 2022-2023 Afghan Fulbright Semi-Finalists would like to thank the US Government for supporting thousands of Afghan students to pursue their higher education through the Fulbright Program. 

Each year, the Fulbright Scholarship candidates are selected from among the brightest students in Afghanistan. We (the 2022-2023 Afghan Fulbright Semi-finalists) have been shortlisted for the program this year; but, due to COVID-19 pandemic, our interviews have been delayed and re-scheduled on September 2021. Last week, we heard the news that the applicants in other countries have received emails for their interviews but the Afghan Semi-finalists are still left behind.

Therefore, we kindly request the US State Department to conduct the interviews of the 2022-2023 Afghan Fulbright Semi-finalists and keep the Fulbright Program in Afghanistan.

As the prospect Fulbright Scholars, we have had a common mission of enhancing mutual understanding between Afghans and Americans through cultural exchanges and contributing to strengthen the two nation's long-lasting friendships.

Again, thank you very much for your considerations, we are looking forward to hearing a positive response from you on conducting the concerned students interviews and carrying on the Fulbright Program in Afghanistan. 


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